Elementary Art- Lessons and Student Examples (4th Grade)

Collaborative USA
Students worked together to create this map of the continental United States.
Each student researched a state and created states out of tooled metal.

I then used wires to link all the states and to form a map.

Abtraction - Kandinsky
This assignment taught students the basic concepts behind
abstraction. Students learned about line and color theory.
They were asked to use pattern and warm/cool colors.
They also learned about the artist Kandinsky and other
abstract artists such as Klee and Miro.

Surrealism - Dali
In this exercise Surrealism was studied including artists such as Dali and Magritte.
Students were asked to close their eyes and draw blindly for a few seconds.
They were then encouragd to creae objects, animals or people out of their scribbles.

Self-Portraits in the style of Lichtenstein
Students learned about pop art and specifically the art of
Roy Lichtenstein. Students also studied the basics of
drawing the face and proportions. They then created self-portraits
using pattern and primary colors to mimic the comic style
of Lichtenstein.

Mexican Metalwork
In this assignment students continued their explorations of line and pattern
as we moved into some observational drawing. We learned about Mexico
and the mexican folk art of metal tooling. Students were then asked to
choose seomething that reminded them of mexico and they drew it from
a photo. After that, they incorporated pattern and color into their designs
on metal foil.


Shoe as a place
In this lesson we s tudied contour line drawing. Students drew their shows from life and then
they were asked to imagine that their shoes were actually a place that people lived.
They transformed their shoes into imaginary scenes from life.