Advanced Graphic Design
Throughout this course students study more advanced theories of design. They
create solutions for real world design problems, creating an authentic
designer/client experience. Critical analysis of student work is given along with
much discussion and study of graphic design history. In addition, students
enhance their knowledge of Photshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. They also
learn to use Flash to create interactive sites and animations.

Book Covers

Typography is often the most difficult design element to master. In this project, students analyzed the elements of a book cover and created their own book covers using stong typographic elements.



Visual Narrative

This was a personal project based on the idea of a visual narrative. Students enhanced their Photoshop skills by using and layering illustration, type, and photographs.

Ipod Magazine Cover Series

In this project the balance of consistency and creativity were explored. Students needed to create interesting magazine covers, while maintaining a consistent look for each volume.

Political Brochures

This project was a lesson in multipage print production. Students learned to create a tri-fold brochure and to maintain consistency. Students researched and created a brochure for the political candidate of their choice.

Product Design

Three-dimensional design of products was expored in this project. How do you create consistency within a product line and how do you make a mundane product more appealing?


This project was a lesson in advanced web design. Students created their own websites which highlighted their work and learned that the elements of Art and Principles of Design are also critical on the web.


Karina Website

Anja Website

Flash Projects

A variety of flash animations were created throughout the course including a personal website intro, interactive e-cards, and an animated project on global warming.


Animated, interactive e-cards
"Happy National Pig Day"
"Merry Christmas"

Global Warming Animations
"Polar Bear"

Angela Intro 1
Angela Intro 2