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Studio Art Courses
In traditional art courses, such as Art One and Art Survey, students learn important
foundational skills and techniques through assignments that test their visual problem solving skills and enhance visual literacy. These courses generally cover both 2-D and 3-D assignments. The incorporation of critique, self-assessment, and art history give students a holistic view of art as a process and art in society. My personal experience as a fine artist gives students a real-world view of art and an authentic experience of the subject.


Photography 1
In Photography 1 students learn the fundamentals of black and white darkroom photography sprinkled with digital photography and alternative processes. From basic camera operations, to darkroom procedures, composition and photographic theory students, explore the medium and learn to create dynamic, meaningful images.


Photography 2 & 3
Photo 2 and 3 students take their skills to the next level with assignments that begin to
challenge them conceptually as well as visually. In Photo 2 students delve into alternative processes such as toning, cyanotype, and polaroid transfers. In addition students further develop skills in digital photography and Adobe Photoshop. In Photo 3 students are asked to create a portfolio of work and complete assignments based on a concentration of their choice in hopes of preparing them for AP Art.

  Graphic Design & Computer Art
In Graphic Design students learn the elements and principles of art and design primarily through digital media such as Adobe Photoshop andIllustrator. A well-rounded Graphic Design curriculum teaches students the importance of bridging the gap between the creative and practical - art and business come together. In addition, design history and theory are covered. My extensive background in graphic design and my work as an art director at a New York ad agency provides a valuable real-world knowledge base for my students.
  Advanced Graphic Design
An advanced graphic design course with greater emphasis on advanced software techniques, web-based design, and design theory. Students learn Dreamweaver and Flash Animation.
  Elementary Art
Elementary art classes were taught using a discipline-based approach. Students learned about art history and theory and combined this with art-making, critique and discussion. The examples on the following page are from 4th grade students.
  Student Awards and Recognitions
  Art Club Mural
  Art Critique
Handouts and lessons based on display and critique of artwork.