This series is a body of work that has been in progress for nearly four years.
The work has grown and evolved through the years and has utilized mediums
including painting, drawing, sculpture, intallation, photography and video work.
It is about our overuse of plastic and the stiffling nature of this consumerism.
Layered in to this are subjects such as womens' work, domesticity and labor.

29 Bags Performance Video
January 2014 (click to view)

Bag People Sculptures - Fall 2013
plastic bags and thread

Encapsulated - Fall 2012
plastic bags and found objects
art art

Photograms - Spring 2012
Photograms of plastic bags were created in the darkroom then manipulated in Photoshop.

Drawings - Spring 2012
ink, gouache, watercolor and pencil

Self-portraits with plastic bag garments - April 2011

photo photo photo
photo photo  
photo photo  


Untitled - Fall 2011
cut and assembled plastic bags (work in progress)


Labor-inth - 2011 (work in progress)
knit plastic bags - to be constructed into a room

untitled - 2010
knit plastic bags

balls - 2010
knit plastic bags

basket - 2010
knit plastic bags

Growing Rope

A never-ending knit cord of colorful plastic bags. (work in progress)